All dressed in White Bridal Show are excited to welcome engaged couples. It is important that each couple take the time to read through our protocols and how we have adapted to the new normal. The abiding of our guidelines is important to continuing our show. We as a company want to ensure out policy enforced as in return; we will do the same. Listed below is what is expected of all engaged couples arriving to the venue.


  • First and foremost, respect to all venue staff, vendors, and organizers.

  • Masks are required.  If mask is worn proper practice must be followed refer to Appendix D for information.

  • Engaged couples need to observe physical distancing recommendations at all times

  • Engaged couples are to only arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the show starts and have 1 hour to talk with vendors and are to exit immediately after the show.

  • Entrance and exit: enter and exit via main lobby doors, all other doors will be closed. A specific door will be used for entrance and another used for exiting. A staff member will be present at the door asking a basic questionnaire related to COVID-19. Any refusal to any of the above listed points will result in removal from venue.

    • Refer to Appendix A for hand hygiene practice.

    • Refer to Appendix K for questionnaire. All Dressed in White Bridal Show has the right to refuse entrance if yes is answered to any questions listed in Appendix K or if a fever is present

      • See Appendix S for collection of this information and how it will be recorded.

  • Arriving to the venue protocol

    • 1 Arrive at the venue and come in main lobby entrance

    • Sanitize hands upon entering

    • Answer questionnaire

    • Use a sanitizing wipe to wipe down phone

    • Go to registration table to submit your names.

  • If you become ill a staff member must be notified and incident report of venue must be filled out

  • Must follow all social distancing measures displayed on the floor

  • Absolutely no congregation in any area of the facility including lobby

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix D

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Appendix E

Appendix F