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What Makes Our Show So Unique?

We have the opportunity to meet brides and grooms at wedding shows throughout the BC Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island to receive our FREE wedding planner and directory "BC Wedding Guides".


By brides pre-registering to All Dressed in White Bridal Shows we are able to gather their names, email address, the city where they live, how much they are planning on spending on their wedding, what services they are looking for and wedding date.


Some of the reasons you don't want to miss All Dressed in White Bridal Shows.


  • 70 to 100 Vendors

  • "Swag Bag" with $100 to $1000 in wedding services and products.

  • QUALITY: From the moment you enter one of our events, you know you are in for a special day! The atmosphere is fun and energetic as well as professional.

  • VARIETY: There will be a variety of wedding specialists in multiple categories. Brides and grooms will have the opportunity to meet with the best wedding professionals including reception facilities, florists, bakers, bridal shops, tuxedo shops, DJ's, invitations, and more.

  • Our hope is to present you with a set of best practices that will help you achieve tangible results at your upcoming bridal shows. Because let’s face it, these events can require a serious investment. You deserve to see a meaningful return on that investment.


Before the Bridal Show:

  • Set Goals. It is important to organize yourself before attending a bridal show. Take a step back and think about why you are attending the event. You may be trying to gather new bride leads. You could be introducing a new product or service. It’s also possible that you want to further your relationship with other wedding services. Those are just a few of the more popular reasons why wedding vendors attend these events. Be sure to make a list of your main goals and keep them in mind throughout this process.

  • Invite Prospects. 

  • It’s likely that you have already started a database of both bride and vendor contacts. Before the bridal show, email those contacts to let them know that you will be in town. Invite them to the bridal show and consider telling them that you will have a special gift waiting for them at your table or booth. It’s likely that these contacts will also help you to spread the word about the upcoming event. 

  • Train Your Team. 

  • Most bridal shows have a lot of foot traffic, so it is important that you have the right number of trained people at your table to showcase your work. If you have employees, bring them along because they know your services better than anyone. They will also be passionate and enthusiastic about what you have to offer. Ensure that your team is fully equipped with all of the important information. Your entire team should memorize a 2-3 sentence (or elevator pitch) explaining what makes your offering unique and superior.


After the Bridal Show:

  • Email, Phone, and/or Send a Gift. I’ve been to too many bridal shows where I’ve swapped business cards with vendors and then never heard from them again. This is a lost opportunity. Be sure to collect business cards and lead information. Then, be sure to reach out to those contacts within 1-5 business days after the event. The sooner, the better because you will still be fresh in the contact’s mind.


Assess Your Success. 

  • Remember to revisit the goals that you outlined at the beginning of this process. 

  • How well did you do? Did you acquire the volume of leads that you expected?

  • Did you create the media relationships that you needed to create? 

  • What did you learn and what would you do differently next time?

  • It might even make sense to keep a journal of these experiences, o that you increase your effectiveness at future bridal shows. If the event was successful, be one of the first to reserve a spot in next year’s show. Early enrollment will increase your chances of securing a high traffic location.

Join the most experienced advertising team dedicated solely to maximizing exposure for wedding professionals.


We are thrilled to announce that Wedding Experts on Vancouver Island and Wedding Connections in the lower mainland have joined forces to create BC Wedding Guides, your ultimate resource for wedding planning on Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley region. Our combined experience in the wedding industry since 1995 and 2010 respectively have allowed us to create a comprehensive guide that will help engaged couples plan their dream wedding effortlessly.


Want more information on becoming an All Dressed in White Bridal Show vendor? Tell us a bit about your business, and we’ll get you started.

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